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8457 Warsaw street Randburg, 2188 Johannesburg, South Africa

Opening Time

Monday - Sunday

8am - 9pm


+27 78 383 7810

Menu Sample

Check the Menus Herein, But Remember, You can Create Your own and we will be happy to oblige. We accommodate all dietary requirements.

Craft bar

  • Hot chocolate, milo & Horlicks
  • Red cappuccino, espresso & Filter Coffee - Charged
  • Fresh Fruit smoothes & Fruit juice
  • Instant Coffee, ricoffy, Nescafe & Decaf
  • Passion Fruit Cordial, Energade, Oros, & Ice Tea
  • Full Cream, Fat-Free, Soya & Rice milk
  • Brown, white, canderal Sugar
  • Honey, Ginger & Lemon Board
  • Rooibos, Five Roses, Liptop, earl Grey & chai Tea, Green & Assorted Exotic Teas
  • Mineral water still & Sparkling charged
  • Crips, popcorn, dried nuts & fruit, Assorted Sweets & Chocolates
  • Provita, whole-wheat
  • Rusks & assorted biscuits


Khula Uzibonele Film and Tv Catering is a level 1 BEE company that operates in the food service and industrial markets, corporate offices, All Functions and government departments within South Africa. We have positioned ourselves as a leader within the Catering & food industry by offering service excellence and quality products at competitive prices.