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8457 Warsaw street Randburg, 2188 Johannesburg, South Africa

Opening Time

Monday - Sunday

8am - 9pm


+27 78 383 7810

NEVER MWERAHARE - Operations Manager

Never is well known in TV, Film and advertising industry for his dedication, his merticulous attention to minute details and his passion for ensuring that clients get what they want within their budget.

He is the main contact with clients, and he works with them from conceptualization until finalization of the function. With his years of experience, he is able to provide innovative solutions on how to make an function a success. He has worked on the sets of international films shot in South Africa, these include

Zibondiwe, Queen of Katwe, Resident Evil, Im a celebrity - get me out of here (Australia series 1), Gold Diggers season 2, lets eat with Siphokazi Season 2 and 3, and whole lot of soapies.

FAITH M - Executive Chef

Faith sees food preparation as an art. She enjoys culinary delights that are sumptious, delicious, pleasing to the eye and palate.

She has worked for international hotels in South Africa, and for the past years, she has been bringing delightfull food to TV and Movie sets, anying plaudits for her dishes, from intimate dinners for two to morethan thousand people. Chef Faith has handled them all. Working closel=y with Never, she always ensures that the meal is delicious, and beyond defination, and no two meals are ever the same. Using the best local sourced ingredients, the food she prepares is always on point, and all meals are discussed with clients before


Khula Uzibonele Film and Tv Catering is a level 1 BEE company that operates in the food service and industrial markets, corporate offices, All Functions and government departments within South Africa. We have positioned ourselves as a leader within the Catering & food industry by offering service excellence and quality products at competitive prices.